If you would like to work at the 25thWoking Beer Festival in November 2018 please fill in the form below. If you are not sure of your plans please fill in the form as well as you can, and add a comment at the bottom of the form.

Each volunteer needs to fill in a separate form, but if you are coming with a relative or friend you can save some typing by filling in their form immediately after your own, there is a button on the next page.

If you have any problems with this form, or have any questions about working at Woking Beer Festival, please email wbfstaffing@yahoo.com.

Your details will be held on a computer database. We will not share this with any other organisation. Please do not use this form if you object to this.

One form per person please, use button on next page to save entering your information twice.
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We use email for most communication. If you read your email regularly and do not expect to change your address there is no need to include a postal address. If you do change any details after submitting this form please email us at the address on the home page.
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Please indicate the areas you would like to work in, use 1 for areas you prefer, and 2 and 3 for other areas you are happy with. The main area needed is beer serving. We'll do our best to suit you. If you prefer to work on particular bars at particular times, or have been recruited for a job that is not listed, please include a comment below.
Beer BarsForeign BeerTombola
Cider BarStewardingDoor/Tickets
A mixture of jobs
Please indicate sessions you expect to work. If you are not sure at this stage please indicate your best guess here and include a comment below. When your plans are clearer please send an email to wbfstaffing@yahoo.com. If you expect to arrive late or leave early please add a comment below. Please indicate if you require over night accommodation at the Leisure Centre so that we know how many camp beds to request.
Tue 6 NovSet up Set up
Wed 7 NovSet up Set up
Thu 8 NovSet up
Fri 9 NovSet up 6-11
Sat 10 Nov11-3.30 6-11
Sun 11 NovTake down
Mon 12 NovTake down
Please note that we need to receive your form before October to guarentee that we will be able to allocate you a staff T-shirt. If you would like to be put on the list for a shirt please indicate your required size. If you do not want a shirt please select "None".
The T-shirt order has already been placed. If you have requested a T-shirt please tick this box to acknowledge that you understand that we may not enough shirts to issue one to you.